Bishan Dass Rikhi Ram Music Festival - Feb 2011
Celebrating the fine arts and crafts of India

"Bishan Dass Rikhi Ram Music Festival' has been conceptualized as an annual event to celebrate the memory of a maestro who took the art of instrument making to the next level.

Encouraging talented musicians of all ages was Pt. Bishan ji's life philosophy. Many musicians share heart rendering stories of how he helped, encouraged and blessed artists from all walks of life.

He continues to live on in the hearts of the many he has touched with his love and giving. At the Bishan Dass Rikhi Ram Music Festival we pay tribute to the man who gave a soul to the instruments he crafted and these series of concerts will remind the artists that he still showers his blessings on the deserving and the musical.

The legendary instrument maker Pt.Bishan Dass Rikhi Ram was born in the month of February thus the celebrations will be held in the same month every year.