Bishan Dass Rikhi Ram Music Festival - Feb 2011
Celebrating the fine arts and crafts of India

Pt. Rajeev Janardan is an exponent of Hindustani Classical Music (North Indian style) and is recognised as one of the greatest Sitar & Surbahar players of his generation. Pt. Rajeev Janardan is an unparalleled artist; his versatility with the instrument and its techniques combined with his deep understanding of the ragas stands him apart. His renditions represent the pure essence of a highly revered musical heritage.

Pt. Rajeev Janardan's music is different because it blends both speed and melody to create a deep meditative trance when he plays. He is very adept in expressing a wide range of emotions in his recitals where he moves from "virah" to "milaap" like a dexterous player creating a visual scene for the audience. His renditions which are mystical, soothing and calming have earned him undying admiration of an entire generation.

Pt. Rajeev Janardan received his initial musical training under the tutelage of Late Pt. Bimalendu Mukherjee. Later in his years he worked on creating his own style of music which is peaceful and distinctive. He upholds aesthetic principles of traditional music and mesmerizes audience with his pristine pure, delicate yet fiery music. His melody and rhythm are inspirational.